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WritingWA's services to support Book Clubs

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If you belong to a Book Club and are wondering what book you should read next, then writingWA can help.  Each month we select a recently published book which is suitable for discussion by book clubs.  This title is our 'Book of the Month'.

For each featured title we write a detailed description of the book, give background information about the author and write extensive Book Club Notes to prompt discussion. We include both fiction and non-fiction and cover a wide range of genres.

Subscribe to receive this information

To receive this information each month direct to your inbox, you can subscribe to the Book Club e-news here.  This is a free service. In most cases one person from a book club will subscribe then share the information with the group.

See past recommendations

All the information about each past Book of the Month is stored on our website so that you can download it at any time. You'll find it in the For Readers section of our main website.

Find out more

If you'd like to know more about these books and their authors then enjoy our Book of the Month author interviews on Cover to Cover.

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