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The 2015 Perth Writers Festival Twitter Novella

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The 2015 Perth Writers Festival has started its very own Twitter revolution! Creativity and innovation go hand in hand as we find out what happens when you give 50 writers 280 characters (the keyboard kind) to play with and no creative limits. We think you'll find the results both compelling and hilarious.

The Project

Each author involved writes two tweets to build a novella that will appear, tweet by tweet, on Twitter. The story will begin on Friday 13 February and the final tweet will be revealed on the last day of the Perth Writers Festival.

The Event – 22 Feb

Join authors Annabel Smith and Andy Griffiths for a conversation about the Twittersphere and their contribution to the 2015 Perth Writers Festival Twitter Novella. Annabel and Andy will be joined on stage by two actors for a full dramatic reading of the completed story.

Follow the Story

Follow @pwfnovella on Twitter so that you can be part of the creative chaos as it unfolds. Visit our blog for the latest updates.

New to Twitter?

Use our Twitter Guide and follow the steps to sign-up. 

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australian Council for the Arts.


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