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Stella Podcast - Girl Write Up 2017: The Personal Is Political

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The Stella Podcast is the official podcast of the Stella Prize, a major literary award that celebrates Australian women’s writing and an organisation that champions cultural change. 

When a lack of political voice leads to disempowerment, disengagement and disadvantage, personal voices speak up.

This episode of the Stella Podcast features 'The Personal Is Political' panel from Girls Write Up 2017 in Melbourne. 

In this panel, YA and children's author Rebecca Lim, disability and LGBTQ rights advocate and writer Jax Jacki Brown, and writer and activist Nayuka Gorrie offer personal testimony on the politics that affect them.

With host Karen Pickering, the panel discuss 'own voices' in fiction, connecting structural disadvantage with personal experience, and using humour and anger as political tools.

To listen to the podcast, visit the Stella Prize website here.


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