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Slinkies Under 30s eSingles

Found in: News

Closing date extended to Jan 29, 2017.

With their new digital platform, Slinkies, they’re looking to publish and promote the work of a handful of carefully selected Australian under-30s. So as long as you can’t remember a Prime Minister before Howard and know your yolo from your froyo you probably fit the bill.

They’re looking for writing that isn’t afraid of trying stuff out. The hypercolour t-shirt of creative non-fiction. The crimped hair and butterfly clips of collected micro-fiction. They want writing that is “happy, free, confused and lonely, in the best way”. That is still amused by prank phone calls. They want it all and they want it now.

What: prose in any form under 10,000 words

Who: Australian writers younger than 30

When: now accepting submissions

How: To submit to Slinkies, click here.

For full deets, visit the link here.


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