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Pocketdocs: Running with Scissors

Found in: News

ABC RN’s PocketDocs programme has launched their annual writing and audio competition.  You can submit either 500 words or five minutes of audio. Entering is a great way to introduce yourself to ABC RN’s Documentary and Features producers, and has led to some fine writing/radio relationships.

The Project Brief is as follows:

"Tell us about that moment when you did something reckless, that time when something really could have gone badly wrong. Tell us your stories where you knew what you were about to do was crazy stupid, but you did it anyway. Maybe you believed 'it' wouldn't happen, or maybe you thought it would, and you didn't care. Was it just slightly illegal? Or was it just too fun to miss out on? Did you make a choice that left you breathless but wildly alive? Or did your world come crashing down? An affair, a physical risk, a mental challenge, a dance with danger.

You can contribute with text or audio.

And if you’d like to enter audio, fill out your details [on the website] with the words POCKETDOC COMP in both the subject and comments section, and we’ll contact you.
This 500 word or 5 minute audio project is in collaboration with ABC RN PocketDocs - so the stakes are high. Your writing could be broadcast all around the country. So let loose, and run with scissors (metaphorically speaking, of course)."

The project ends on the 6th November 2016.
For further details, visit the link here.


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