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Landscapes 7.1: Call for Submissions

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Submissions are now open for Volume 7, Issue 1 of Landscapes: The Journal of the International Centre for Landscape and Language - a fully refereed interdisciplinary, multimedia online journal based at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia.

This volume’s special theme is “Heritage: Landscapes.”

What are the intersections between cultural identity and landscapes? How do landscapes gain the significance of a cultural heritage? How do humans curate their heritage in landscapes? What conflicts arise between heritage landscapes and other treatments of the land, such as economic development and ecosystem sustainability? What are the consequences for cultures and environments when landscapes are designated “heritage?” These questions have particular currency in the Standing Rock Sioux effort to preserve sacred lands from economic development, controversy over monuments on public lands, and Aboriginal efforts to pass on traditions of earth care to the next generation, but cultural forms have always been complicit in a politics of landscape heritage. Who choses what landscapes to memorialize, why, and how?

The editors invite broad interpretations of the theme in critical essays, creative non-fiction, poetry, photography, sound, multimedia, review essays and artwork of a broadly interdisciplinary nature, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Heritage Landscapes, Sacred Landscapes, Landscapes as Monuments
  • Legacies of Human Relations with Landscapes—conflict/cooperation over resources, Indigene-European settler relations, reconciliation
  • Landscapes of/in Memory: Frontiers, Parks, Memorial Gardens
  • Placing Heritage: The Places of Heritage
  • Landscape and Trauma: Public Memorials and Conflict Histories
  • Invasion Ecologies and Heritage Landscapes: The TechnoNatural
  • Race, Class, Gender, Ethnicity, Religion, Nationality Heritages in Landscape
  • Writing Landscapes, Landscape Rhetoric, Eco-lects, Ecosemiotics, Picturesques
  • Development and Preservation Practices—past and present, legacies and new directions
  • The Heritage Industry: Commercializing Sacred Landscapes
  • Cultural Practices and Landscape—recovery, re-enactment, loss, reconnection
  • Dwelling, Belonging, Nostalgia, Solastalgia, Sense of Place
  • Landscapes of “Home” in Settler, Diasporic or Dispossessed Communities
  • Case studies of ecocultural, biocultural, ethnobiological and other heritage forms that cross categories of nature and culture

All geographical and cultural foci are welcome.

Some important information for particular pieces:

  • Critical essays of 6000–8000 words will be anonymously refereed by two readers who are expert in the essay’s topic.
  • Creative work will be selected by artists published in the genre.
  • Scholarly articles should include an abstract of 150–200 words.

All submissions should be accompanied by a brief (75 word) biographical note for each author. Please use the current edition of the MLA style for referencing.

 The Journal’s submission guidelines are available here.

For further information, contact the issue editors, Professor Drew Hubbell and Professor Glen Philips at the email here:

Submissions due on or before 18 November 2017. 


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