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International Invitation for Nil Production Screenwriting Competition

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Nil Production in New York opens a call for screenplays of feature films, short films and documentaries. Any theme is fine. They will give out 15 monetary awards to encourage screenwriters around the world. The awards will be:


-Feature Film -1- $6,000.00

-Feature Film -2- $5,000.00

-Feature Film- 3- $4,000.00

-Feature Film -4-$3,000.00

-Feature Film -5- $2,000.00


-Short Film -1-$5,000.00

-Short Film -2-$4,000.00

-Short Film -3-$3,000.00

-Short Film -4-$2,000.00

-Short Film -5-$1,000.00


-Documentary Film -1-$4,000.00

-Documentary Film -2- $3,000.00

-Documentary Film -3-$2,000.00

-Documentary Film -4- $1,000.00

-Documentary Film -5-$500.00


All screen writers are invited to apply with their script before the deadlines:

Early deadline:  Octomber 5, 2016, Application fee: $20

Regular deadline: November 5, 2016, Application fee: $25

Latest deadline: December 5 2016 , Application fee $35

Extended deadline:January 5, 2017, Aplication fee $50

Results will be out on May 2017.

For further details about rules and entry, please visit the website here.


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