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Hawkline Press seeking chapbook submissions

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After receiving a fair amount of interest in publishing shorter works, Hawkline Press will be opening up to chapbook submissions.

Now, before you go ahead and send in that chapbook of yours, they’re going to run chapbook submissions a little differently. It may end up that they will soon only accept full-length submissions in this format too, but for now, here is the process:

Inquiries and pitches/concepts only.

If you send in a manuscript without inquring or pitching it to them first, it will be promptly deleted and you will not get a response.

You have three options to submit your chapbook for publication with them:

  • Pitch a chapbook you’ve already written. If they like your pitch, send it through (keep it around 30-50 pages long), and they’ll review it and accept/reject from there.
  • Pitch an idea for a chapbook not yet written. If they like it, go and write it and submit it when you’re done.
  • Pitch yourself as a poet. Tell them about why people should be reading, your poetic style, and what fresh perspectives you bring to the table. Provide some topics which interest you, particularly pop culture or cult topics, and if they’re interested in what you have to offer as a poet, they’ll pitch something to you to write.

Pitch something fun and engaging, make the poetry vivid, distinct, cohesive. Be wild, violent and ambitious! You can do a lot with very few words. Reach out and make poetry something that people demand to read.

If you’re interested in submitting send them an email at


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