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'Fair use, or free use?' article

Found in: News

Chris Pash, the Business Insider’s business editor, has written an article on the latest developments in the area of Australian copyright law reform:

"Lobby groups behind a high profile campaign on Wikipedia urging a switch to US-style copyright law in Australia have links to interests, including multinationals such as Google, which will gain substantially from any change to a so-called “fair use” system.

The links are undeclared when Australian visitors to Wikipedia are asked to email their local federal member of parliament.

This campaign to change copyright law is commonly pitched from a premise that Australia is inferior to tech-savvy US where there is a system called “fair use”.

“Fair use” essentially means being able to use anyone’s content as long as it’s “fair”. However, “fair” is a highly technical legal concept which has many definitions. Even in the US, where it’s in use, there are different views on what “fair” means."

For the full article, visit the BI website here.


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