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DCA Creative Development Grants Program

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The Department of Culture and the Arts' Creative Development Grants Program supports the development and growth of sustainable, professional creative practice in Western Australia. Grants are available for a range of projects and activities intended to advance the creative, professional and skills development goals of emerging and established artists, creative industry professionals, arts workers, cultural workers, groups, businesses and organisations.

Applications are open to individuals, groups and businesses, subject to meeting DCA Grants General Eligibility criteria.
There are two funding categories available in 2016. Applications for the 15k-plus category have closed for the year but the U-15k category accepts applications year-round.

This category provides grants of up to $15,000 for small to medium-size projects and activities. A cap of $5,000 applies to travel-only grants; that is, those applications requesting support for transport, accommodation and/or freight items only.

As mentioned, applications to the U-15k category are open year-round so you can apply at any time, provided you have not exceeded your application limit for the year. As a minimum processing period applies for all applications, you must submit your application at least 25 business days before the nominated start date for your project or activity. Your application will be ineligible for assessment if this requirement is not met.

For details, please visit the DCA website.


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