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Congratulations to York writer Guy Salvidge

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Congratulations to Guy Salvidge of York, winner of the 2015 City of Rockingham Short Fiction Awards with his story, ‘Frank'.

Competition judge KA Bedford praised the story’s “Intrigue and hijinks, leading to a very satisfying resolution to follow,” and said “This was a great piece, and I award it First Prize with no reservations”.

NSW author Vickie Walker’s story “Place Across the Water”, took out the Over 50s category, while the Young Writers (10-17) category was won for a second consecutive year by Brynnie Angharad Rafe, with her story “The Whales”, which Luckett praised as a “fine work” with a “powerful, emotional” final scene.

This year’s competition proved popular, with nearly 100 stories being submitted from all States in Australia, as well as the USA. All stories were based on the painting “(Light) House of the Rising Sun” by Julie Podstolski, a picture in the City of Rockingham’s Art collection.

1st place: Frank, Guy Salvidge (WA)
2nd place: An End Has a Start, Darren Blyth (WA)
3rd place: Drowned Already, Janeen Samuel (VIC)
Commended: Theory of Falling Bodies, Mikaela Castledine (WA)
Commended: Valiant Return, Monique Mulligan (WA)

1st place: Place Across the Water, Vickie Walker (NSW)
2nd place: From the Lighthouse, Marjorie Lewis-Jones (NSW)
3rd place: Lousy and the Mermaid, Graham McDonald (WA)
Commended: A Towel for the Mermaid, a Lighthouse for Magic, Greg Beatty (WA, USA)
Commended: Window Mania, Tony Steven Williams (ACT)

1st place: The Whales, Brynnie Angharad Rafe (VIC)
2nd place: Murder in the Lighthouse, Diego Vaca (WA)
3rd place: Rescuing James, Akshaj Veluthedath Mahdu (WA)




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