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In Episode 32 of Cover to Cover, two guests join Meri to discuss their favourite WA children's books of 2017. The six titles they discuss and many other great books are listed below.

Kids LTRL 2017 Brochure Cover

Picture Books

The Rainbow Hijab
The Rainbow Hijab,
Amran Abdi, illust. Nicola Davies (Self-published, $10)

When a young girl loses her favourite hijab, she uncovers the value that it holds. Will things ever be the same without her colourful companion?

Under the Love Umbrella

Under the Love Umbrella, Davina Bell, illust. Alison Colpoys (Scribe Publications, $24.99)

A captivating and charming story that reminds children of the joy and comfort that love can bring - wherever they are in the world.



At the Beach I see
At the Beach I see
, Kamsani Bin Salleh (Magabala Books, $9.99) (board book)

This delightful book will introduce young children to the extraordinary creatures and birds that can be discovered and observed around our Australian coastline.

(Discussed on Cover to Cover Ep 32)

Mrs White and the Red Desert
Mrs White and the Red Desert,
Josie Boyle, illust. Maggie Prewett (Magabala Books, $17.99)

This charming story perfectly captures the rusty disorder, as well as the delights, of life in the desert.

On the Way to Nana's
On the Way to Nana's, 
Frances Haji-Ali and Lindsay Haji-Ali, illust. David Hardy (Magabala Books, $17.99)

Count backwards while you take in the incredible scenery and the unique wildlife of the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

1, 2, Pirate Stew1,2, Pirate Stew, Kylie Howarth (Five Mile Press, $19.99)

It’s time to put on your best paper pirate hat, ‘round up the crew’, and take to the high seas in this fun rhyming and counting adventure!

(Discussed on Cover to Cover Ep 32)

One Thousand Trees
One Thousand Trees,
Kyle Hughes-Odgers (Fremantle Press, $24.99)

Sparse in words but rich in meaning, the beautifully illustrated bookprompts questions about our connection with nature, conservation, sustainability, and the role of art and nature in the urban environment.


Colour Me

Colour Me, Ezekiel Kwaymullina, illust. Moira Court (Fremantle Press, $24.99)

This colourful book will engage young readers as they learn how the rainbow can be a metaphor for our diversity and uniqueness.


A is for Australian Animals
A is for Australian Animals
, Frané Lessac (Walker Books, $24.99)

Discover Australia’s unique and amazing animals in this colourful, ‘factastic’ celebration!

(Discussed on Cover to Cover Ep 32)



Drawn Onward
Drawn Onward,
Meg McKinlay, illust. Andrew Frazer (Fremantle Press, $24.99)

This is a powerful picture book for older readers. It cleverly illustrates how the very same situation can be viewed quite differently depending on your perspective.

(Discussed on Cover to Cover Ep 32)

Once Upon a Small Rhinoceros
Once Upon a Small Rhinoceros,
Meg McKinlay. illust. Leila Rudge (Walker Books, $24.99)

This inspirational tale follows a small rhinoceros’s dream of seeing the big world. Children will learn how to push the boundaries whilst staying true to themselves.

Fergus the Farting DragonFergus the Farting Dragon, Monique Mulligan, illust. Veronica Rooke (Serenity Press, $12.99)

When a cheeky knight steals a dragon egg, it is up to Fergus to get it back!This story demonstrates difference in an entertaining way.

Sarah and the Steep Slope
Sarah and the Steep Slope
, Danny Parker, illust. Matt Ottley (Hardie Grant, $24.99)

When Sarah finds a hill has sprung up around her house overnight, she begins to learn how the healing power of friendship can help you get through uphill battles.

Teena Raffa-Mulligan, illust. Veronica Rooke (Serenity Press, $12.99)

Join Koala and a delightful menagerie of Australian creatures as they explore the many ways that friends can brighten up our days.

Molly the Pirate
Molly the Pirate,
Lorraine Teece, illust. Paul Seden (Magabala Books, $17.99)

Take an amusing journey into the imagination of Molly as she transforms her Australian backyard into a pirate adventure on the high seas.

A Perfectly Posh Pink Afternoon Tea
A Perfectly Posh Pink Afternoon Tea,
Coral Vass, illust. Gabriel Evans (Scholastic, $15.99)

When no-good Darcy and Dean cause mischief at Annabelle Mae’s perfectly posh afternoon tea, she doesn’t let them spoil their fun!



Big Fella Rain
Big Fella Rain, 
Beryl Webber , illust. Fern Martins (Magabala Books, $17.99)

An evocative celebration of the transition from dry to wet season as animals, plants and the dehydrated Earth await the first rain.


At the Zoo I see
At the Zoo I
see, Robyn Wells, illust. Joshua Button (Magabala Books, $9.99) (Board book)

With vibrant illustrations and lyrical text, this bookwill introduce young children to a vast range of native and exotic animals found in Australian zoos.

(Discussed on Cover to Cover Ep 32)

Nanna's Button Tin

Nanna's Button Tin,Dianne Wolfer, illust. Heather Potter (Walker Books, $24.99)

An exquisite story thatreminds us that something as small, and seemingly insignificant, as a button can bear some big and significant memories.

Junior Fiction

Rose Raventhorpe
A Rose Raventhorpe Mystery: Butlers and Cats,
Janine Beacham

When her beloved butler is found murdered, Rose Raventhorpe investigates! Join her as she goes on a journey into the hidden world of magicians, grave-robbers, sword-wielding butlers and ancient feline guardians.



To the Lighthouse
To the Lighthouse,
Cristy Burne (Fremantle Press, $14.99)

When Isaac and his new bestie Emmy accept the biggest dare of their lives, they wonder if they’ve gone too far. An adventurous cautionary tale about ... caution.

(Discussed on Cover to Cover Ep 32)



Free Diving
Free Diving
, Lorrae Coffin (Magabala Books, $17.99)

Through striking illustrations and lyrical prose, this book pays an emotional tribute to the Aboriginal men and women who worked as ‘free divers’ in the late nineteenth century in Western Australia.

Cyclones and Shadows
Cyclones and Shadows,
Pat Dudgeon, Sabrina Dudgeon, Darlene Oxenham and Laura Dudgeon (Fremantle Press, $14.99)

With magical creatures, a haunted mango tree, an awesome sports car and a terrifying cyclone, young readers are sure to be gripped by the charming world of contemporary Indigenous story-telling.

The Spectacular Spencer Gray
The S
pectacular Spencer Gray, Deb Fitzpatrick (Fremantle Press, $14.99)

When Spencer accidentally finds himself in the middle of a sinister operation, he must rely on his problem-solving skills to save himself in a spectacular fashion.

James Foley (Fremantle Press, $14.99)

This hilarious graphic novel for young readers continues the adventures of Sally Tinker, the creator of Brobot and the world’s foremost inventor under the age of twelve!


History Mysteries SeriesHistory Mysteries Series, Mark Greenwood (Penguin Random House, $12.99 each)

- Diamond Jack
- Lasseter's Gold
- The Last Tiger
- The Lost Explorer

Delve into some of Australian history's most baffling mysteries with this engaging series by Mark Greenwood! Young children will learn about unfamiliar incidents in Australian history in an engaging and accessible way.

The Daisy Chain

The Daisy Chain, Diane Guntrip (Self-published, $21)

If you’ve read ‘Dear H’, you will not want to miss out on this sequel! Follow Amanda’s chronicling of the events at St. Celia’s Academy of Music to her imaginary friend ‘H’.

Swimming on the Lawn
Swimming on the Lawn,
Yasmin Hamid (Fremantle Press, $16.99)

For Farida, life in 1960s Sudan couldn’t be more blissful. But when columns of black smoke are seen on the horizon, can her happiness still be sustained?

Lintang and the Pirate Queen
Lintang and the Pirate Queen,
Tamara Moss (Random House, $16.99)

To make their way in the world, two friends must go on an incredibly exciting adventure, filled with deadly creatures, dangerous tasks and difficult battles, and on the high seas!

(Discussed on Cover to Cover Ep 32)


Looking Up

Looking Up, Sally Murphy (Fremantle Press, $14.99)

All Pete wants for his birthday is a telescope! But when a mysterious card arrives in the mail, what Pete wants is turned upside down.




The Seven Day Dragon
The Seven Day Dragon,
Teena Raffa-Mulligan, illust. Ella Mae (Serenity Press, $14.99)

When a spectacular creature wishes to be a guest at Joshua Jones’s house for seven days, he has no idea of the impact that it will have on his life.



Home Time
Home Time: Under the River,
Campbell Whyte (Top Shelf Productions, $35)

When six friends wake up to find themselves in an unusual, fantasy village, they must try to find their way home. This graphic novel is a stunning portrayal of the cusp of adulthood.

Young Adult

Before you Forget
Before You Forget,
Julia Lawrinson (Penguin, $19.99)

A tragi-comic exploration of the impact of early-onset Alzheimer's on a family.As well as shining a clear light on an important topic, Before You Forget is a compelling story full of compassion, tightly and beautifully told.

 (Discussed on Cover to Cover Ep 32)


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