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In Episode 20 of Cover to Cover, two guests join Meri to discuss their favourite WA children's books of 2016.  The six titles they discuss and many other great books are listed below.

Kids LTRL 2016

Picture Books

Oh, Albert!
Oh, Albert!, 
Davina Bell, illust. Sara Acton (Penguin Books Australia, $24.99)

Albert can’t help but get into mischief when no one is around. But one day he goes too far ... Oh, Albert!

Something Wonderful
Something Wonderful,
Raewyn Caisley, illust. Karen Blair (Penguin Books Australia, $24.99)

A gentle story about Sam, a curious inventor, who will inspire and empower the dreamer in all of us.


(Discussed on Cover to Cover Ep 20)

The Grumpy Lighthouse Keeper
The Grumpy Lighthouse Keeper,
Terrizita Corpus, illust. Maggie Prewett (Magabala Books, $17.95)

With a fresh design, this new edition brings to life the excitement of the storm and the curious sea creatures that live in this magical part of the world.


Boomerang and Bat

Boomerang and Bat, Mark Greenwood, illust. by Terry Denton (Allen & Unwin, $29.99)

This book tells the true storyof the ‘real first eleven’, an all-Aboriginal cricket team who, in 1868, journeyed across the world to take on England’s finest cricketers.


Phil Pickle
Phil Pickle
, Kenny Herzog, illust. Kelly Canby (Peter Pauper Press, $16.99)

Phil Pickle is like no other pickle you've ever seen. He's got big-time aspirations of becoming an actor! Will he become the next big dill?


Return of the Dinosaurs
Return of the Dinosaurs
, Bronwyn Houston (Magabala Books, $17.99)

This fun and dynamic book looks at what life would be like for dinosaurs if they were roaming the Broome coastline today!



Animals in my gardenAnimals in my garden, Bronwyn Houston (Magabala Books, $9.99) (Board book)

This colourful counting bookintroduces the diverse animals of Australia to toddlers in a joyful way.


Kylie Howarth (Five Mile Press, $19.95)

Chip is wild about chips, especially from Joe’s Chip Van. But one day, Joe places a sign near his van warning people to not feed the seagulls. What will Chip do?


Dream Little One
Dream Little One, Dream,
Sally Morgan, illust. Ambelin Kwaymullina (Penguin Books Australia, $24.99)

A rhythmic and radiant bedtime story that celebrates the wonders of nature from sunrise to night-time.



I Love Me
I Love Me
, Sally Morgan, illust. Ambelin Kwaymullina (Fremantle Press, $24.99)

An infectious celebration of embracing your uniqueness, exulting in your physicality and loving yourself inside and out!


Cheeky Animals
Cheeky Animals,
Shane Morgan (Magabala Books, $9.99) (Board book)

This is a humorous, rhythmical tale about cheeky animals interacting with an unsuspecting human.


Captain Sneer

Captain Sneer the Buccaneer, Penny Morrison, illust. Gabriel Evans (Walker Books, $24.99)

ARRR!This rollicking rhyming story tells the tale of a boastful pirate who thinks he is the roughest and toughest, but his crew know otherwise!

My Silly Mum
My Silly Mum, 
Monique Mulligan, illust. Veronica Rooke (Serenity Press, $18.99)

A story that captures the face-palming moments of growing up with a mother who still remembers what it’s like to be a child.


Chris Owen, illust. Chris Nixon (Fremantle Press, $24.99)

Join the fantastic fun as one grumpy panda sets off a frenzy of wild partying in this playful and energetic picture book!

(Discussed on Cover to Cover Ep 20)

Molly & Mae
Molly and Mae,
Danny Parker, illust. Freya Blackwood (Little Hare Books, $24.99)

Brilliantly rendered,Molly and Mae is an exploration of friendshipin the most delightful, emotionally-rich train journey imaginable.


CrustsCrusts, Danny Parker, illust. Matt Ottley (Hardie Grant, $24.99)

When creatures from a distant planet seek Jacob’s help, he sets out to do what he can with his box of uneaten crusts in this intergalactic adventure!



Steve Goes to Carnival

Steve goes to Carnival, Robyn Wells & Joshua Button, illust. Joshua Button (Magabala Books, $24.95)

Steve the gorilla leaves his zoo home in Rio de Janeiro to find his friend and joins in with Carnival. A glorious celebration of friendship, music and the love for life.


Junior Fiction

Riddle Gully Secrets
Riddle Gully Secrets, 
Jen Banyard (Fremantle Press, $14.99)

With hidden treasure, cunning crooks, mistaken identities and mysterious disappearances, unravelling them may be Pollo di Nozi’s greatest challenge and perhaps, her greatest news story yet!


Lee Battersby, illust. Amy Daoud (Walker Books, $19.99)

This beautifully written novel serves up a deliciously spooky tale for young readers, and also poses some big questions – about truth, acceptance, and the stories we tell ourselves.



James Foley (Fremantle Press, $14.99)

An hilarious graphic novel about Sally, the world’s foremost inventor under the age of twelve, who builds Brobot to replace her messy, smelly brother.



Lily in the Mirror
Lily in the Mirror,
Paula Hayes (Fremantle Press, $14.99)

Lily loves all things mysterious, so when she discovers a magic mirror, it’s like a dream come true. A wonderful tale about resolving a mystery that’s very close to home.



Smugglers Curse
The Smuggler’s Curse,
Norman Jorgensen (Fremantle Press, $16.99)

From terrifying encounters with cut-throat pirates to battling the forces of nature in a tropical typhoon, young Red Read is in for the adventure of a lifetime!


(Discussed on Cover to Cover Ep 20)

eagle, crow and emu

Eagle, Crow and Emu, Gladys Milroy and Jill Milroy (Fremantle Press, $14.99)

Told in the tradition of teaching stories, this collection of bird stories explores friendship, bullying, selfishness, forgiveness and individuality.



Sage Cookson
Sage Cookson’s Sweet Escape,
Sally Murphy, illust. Celeste Hulme (New Froniter Publishing, $9.99)

Sage Cookson is a ten-year-old with a pretty cool lifestyle. Her parents are TV chefs who travel the world! But things go drastically wrong when they visit a competitive chocolatier.



The Shark Caller
Shark Caller,
Dianne Wolfer (Random House Australia, $17.99)

When Isabel sees her community in strife, she must perform a traditional diving ritual to appease their ancestors and bring the community back together.

Young Adult


Meg Caddy (Text Publishing, $19.99)

When Lowell Sencha finds the strange girl lying on the riverbank, he is startled to find that she is like them: waer. An exciting new talent in speculative fiction.


Jenna's TruthJenna’s Truth, Nadia L. King (Aulexic, $14.99)

Jenna is just a teenager who wants to fit in but popularity turns to infamy when two “friends” spark a controversy that alters her life forever.


Saving Jazz
Saving Jazz,
Kate McCaffrey (Fremantle Press, $19.99)

Jasmine ‘Jazz’ Lovely has it all – the looks, the grades, the friends.But when a house party spins out of control, Jazz discovers what happens when your mistakes go viral.


Mrs Whitlam,
Bruce Pascoe (Magabala Books, $16.99)

When Marnie Clark is gifted a beautiful, big Clydesdale horse,she begins to learn how to negotiate newfound friendships, pony club and how to stand up for what she believes in.


Beyond CarouselBeyond Carousel, Brendan Ritchie (Fremantle Press, $19.99)

After months of being trapped inside a shopping centre Nox, Taylor and Lizzy are finally free. But everything is not like it once was, and the dangers are far from over.


(Discussed on Cover to Cover Ep 20)

Songs that Sound Like Blood
Songs that Sound Like Blood, 
Jared Thomas (Magabala Books, $14.99)

When Roxy gets the chance to study music in the big city, she takes it! Butonce there, she begins aconfronting journey to find out who she is.


Forgetting Foster

Forgetting Foster, Dianne Touchell (Allen & Unwin, $19.99)

This powerful story follows a young boy whose father develops Alzheimer's disease. A heartbreaking story about what it means to forget and to be forgotten.


(Discussed on Cover to Cover Ep 20)

Small Things

Small Things, Mel Tregonning (Allen & Unwin, $29.99)

This stunning graphic novel tells the story of a boy who feels alone with his worries but learns that help is always nearby.


Lemons in the Chicken Wire
Lemons in the Chicken Wire,
Alison Whittaker (Magabala Books, $22.95)

This collection of poems reflects upon rural identities and demonstrates that borders, whether physical or imagined, are no match for our capacity for love.




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