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Cover to Cover for Kids - Episode 9
Guests: Jenny Simpson & Sharon McCarthy

In this episode two guests join Meri to discuss the great Western Australian children's books published in 2015. Her guests are Sharon McCarthy, Manager of Crow Books in Perth, and Jenny Simpson, CEO and General Manager of Awesome Arts Australia.  They each chose three favourite books to recommend: a picturebook; a junior fiction title and a YA novel.

The titles discussed are:

  • Can a Skeleton have an X-Ray?, Kyle Hughes-Odgers
  • Bella and the Wandering House, Meg McKinlay
  • The Tribe Bk 3: The Foretelling of Georgie Spider, Ambelin Kwaymullina
  • Carousel, Brendan Ritchie
  • A Small Madness, Dianne Touchell
  • My Dead Bunny, Sigi Cohen, illust. James Foley
  • A Single Stone, Meg McKinlay

The six books discussed are just a few of the dozens of great children's books created by Western Australians in 2015.  We've created a more comprehensive list in a brochure called 'Kids Love to Read Local: Homegrown in Western Australia in 2015'. You can read the content online here.

Cover to Cover Interview

You can view this episode on Youtube here.

Meri Fatin dressed by Megan Salmon.

megan salmon

Book Review - A Single Stone (Walker Books)

Strong-willed Jena lives in a village shrouded in superstition and secrets. Like all the other girls, she has been bound and broken since birth to make her small enough to gather precious mica, which keeps her people warm in winter. But after a tragic accident, Jena starts questioning everything she's ever been told, and the truth will have consequences she cannot predict - for everybody. This beautifully written, haunting novel warns of the consequences of blind following, and shows the important difference between appearance and truth. This is award-winning McKinlay's best yet.

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