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Cover to Cover for Kids - Episode 20
Guests: Beck Blaxell & Beth Herbert

In this episode two guests join Meri to discuss the great Western Australian children's books published in 2016. Her guests are Beck Blaxell, Education Officer of The Literature Centre in Fremantle, and Beth Herbert, Proprietor of Dymocks in Busselton. They each chose three favourite books to recommend: a picturebook; a junior fiction title and a YA novel.

The titles discussed are:

  • Something Wonderful, Raewyn Caisley, illust. Karen Blair
  • Pandamonia, Chris Owen, illust. Chris Nixon
  • The Smuggler's Curse, Norman Jorgensen
  • The Shark Caller, Dianne Wolfer
  • Beyond Carousel, Brendan Ritchie
  • Forgetting Foster, Dianne Touchell

The six books discussed are just a few of the dozens of great children's books created by Western Australians in 2016.  We've created a more comprehensive list in a brochure called 'Kids Love to Read Local: Homegrown in Western Australia in 2016'. You can read the content online here.

Cover to Cover Interview

You can view this episode on Youtube here.

Meri Fatin dressed by Megan Salmon.

megan salmon

Book Review - Beyond Carousel (Fremantle Press)

In this much anticipated sequel to the YA novel Carousel, musicians Lizzy and Taylor and writer Nox are finally free from their sheltered and isolated ‘residency’ inside Carousel shopping centre. They have emerged into a decaying and dangerous city populated only by artists, a few others spared by ‘the Disappearance’ and vicious packs of dogs. As they navigate the challenges of the new reality, they also search for answers - and possibly even a portal back to the old world. Nox realises that his survival depends on finding his voice as a writer and believing in himself as an artist. This novel is a fascinating commentary on an arts world that has lost its soul and on finding meaning, purpose and understanding through art.

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