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Cover to Cover Episode 7
Guest: Bernice Barry

bernice barry    georgiana molloy

Book Review - Georgiana Molloy: The Mind That Shines (Redgate Consultants)

Georgiana Molloy’s story as a pioneer West Australian woman and her contribution to the discovery of the unique flora of the State’s South-West is well known. However, Bernice Barry’s biography not only brings Molloy’s life and times alive for readers but shares her years of research. New information about Molloy’s upbringing, John Molloy’s background and their marriage are fascinating. So too is the detail of the hardships and loneliness of Molloy’s early years at Augusta, then Busselton. Dead in childbirth at 37, Molloy, endured great sorrow in her 12 years in the colony as well as making her name as a self-taught botanist.

Cover to Cover Interview

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Recommended book

Each month on Cover to Cover, we ask our guest author to recommend another great book by a West Australian author. Bernice's recommendation was The Golden Age by Joan London.

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