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Cover to Cover - Episode 6
Guest: Stephen Daisley

stephen daisley    coming rain

Book Review - Coming Rain (Text Publishing)

Coming Rain is a beautiful novel that immerses the reader in rural life on the dry margins of the WA wheat belt in the 1950’s. The plot charts the harsh lives of two shearers, young Lew and the gnarled Painter who has taken care of Lew for years. Intersecting with the lives of the shearers is a desperate and cunning pregnant dingo, brought vividly to life. Daisley’s tale describes in exquisite, tense prose shearing, killing, and lives dependent on country. There are moments of aching tenderness and heroism that will enrapture readers to the very end. Highly recommended.

Cover to Cover Interview

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Recommended book

Each month on Cover to Cover, we ask our guest author to recommend another great book by a West Australian author. Stephen's recommendation was Cloudstreet by Tim Winton.

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