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Cover to Cover - Episode 29
Guest: Paul E. Hardisty

Paul E, Hardisty   Reconciliation for the Dead                     

Book Review - Reconciliation for the Dead (Affirm Press)

Reconciliation for the Dead is the third instalment in Perth-based Paul E. Hardisty’s Claymore Straker series, following on from the award-winning and best-selling The Abrupt Physics of Dying and The Evolution of Fear. Each are beautifully written, intelligent thrillers that deal with topical international issues. Both a prequel and a sequel to the other novels, Reconciliation for the Dead might just be the best yet – a powerfully imagined story set in the lawless borderlands of Angola and South Africa, where the latter government is fighting a bloody war to destabilise its neighbours. Gripping, searing and perfect in its poise and clarity, this novel lifts Hardisty to the highest rank of international thriller writers.

Cover to Cover Interview

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Recommended Book

Each month on Cover to Cover, we ask our guest author to recommend another great book by a West Australian author. Paul's recommendation was Old Scores by David Whish-Wilson.

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