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Cover to Cover - Episode 25
Guest: Nicole Sinclair

Nicole Sinclair   Bloodlines              

Book Review - Bloodlines (Margaret River Press)

Interweaving two narratives that shift between a close-knit farming community in Western Australia’s Wheatbelt and village life in the islands of Papua New Guinea, Bloodlines contrasts the story of thirty-year old Beth, struggling to come to terms with a recent tragedy, with the story of her parents, Clem and Rose, and their intense love for each other. Exploring the attachments that we form to those places we call home and the strength – and complexities – of the bonds that grow within families and communities, Bloodlines is a novel about belonging and about recognising your place in the world. This is an ambitious, big-hearted, at times confronting novel from an exciting new voice in Western Australian literature.

Cover to Cover Interview

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Recommended Book

Each month on Cover to Cover, we ask our guest author to recommend another great book by a West Australian author. Nicole's recommendation was Visitations by Randolph Stow.

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