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Cover to Cover - Episode 23
Guest: Rashida Murphy

Rashida Murphy   The Historian's Daughter  

Book Review - The Historian's Daughter (UWA Publishing)

Gathering memories from childhood to adulthood across India, Iran and Australia, the historian’s daughter, Hanna, pieces together silences, observations and events to make sense of her life and find truth. Why did her loving mother who she calls ‘the Magician’ abruptly walk out of her life? Why does she feel animosity toward her father ‘the Historian’? Author Rashida Murphy equips her narrator with the required strength to deal with shock and tackle issues of family, trust, culture and migration in this rich work of fiction. Having spent her own childhood in India, Murphy is adept in describing India’s vibrant culture through descriptions of food, characters and family and positioning it in an Australian context.

Cover to Cover Interview

You can view this episode on Youtube here.

Meri Fatin dressed by Megan Salmon.

megan salmon

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Recommended Book

Each month on Cover to Cover, we ask our guest author to recommend another great book by a West Australian author. Rashida's recommendation was Elemental  by Amanda Curtin.

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