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Cover to Cover - Episode 22
Guests: Violet Tregonning and James Foley

Small Things c2c   small things

Meri Fatin explores the creation of Small Things (Allen & Unwin), an extraordinary graphic novel created by Mel Tregonning. She is joined by Violet Tregonning, Mel's sister, and writer-illustrator James Foley.

Book Review - Small Things (Allen & Unwin)

It can take one small thing to cause a crack, then a few more to tear you apart. It can take a few small things to isolate you and make you feel that you don’t belong. It seems a small thing, but if just one person takes notice, the cracks can start to mend. It can take a small thing to bring you back and give you hope. This exquisite graphic novel by Mel Tregonning is a heart-breaking, yet ultimately hopeful, insight into the need we have to belong in the world. The breathtaking black and white illustrations beautifully encapsulate what it is like to feel isolated and broken. This book is both moving and uplifting, and a ‘must read’. Set aside a small moment of your time to read Small Things. You won’t regret it.

Cover to Cover Interview

[Shaun Tan illustration credits: images 1-3 are from ‘Tales From Outer Suburbia’, published by Allen & Unwin; image 4 is from ‘Rules of Summer’, published by Hachette.]

You can view this episode on Youtube here.

Meri Fatin dressed by Megan Salmon.

megan salmon

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