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Cover to Cover Episode 12
Guest: Portland Jones

 portland jones   seeing the elephant

Book Review - Seeing the Elephant (Margaret River Press)

Shortlisted for the 2014 T.A.G. Hungerford Award, Seeing the Elephant is Portland Jones’ debut novel. The complex narrative moves between two time-frames and settings: present day Perth and the mid-1960s in the highlands of Vietnam. Minh, the primary narrator, suffering in his 60s from cancer, is overwhelmed by memories of the past. Frank, an Australian soldier in Vietnam to recruit and train men from the local hill tribes, is the other narrator. A deep friendship between the men develops while the terrible events of the conflict between north and south Vietnam escalate. Political and personal dramas unfold in this compelling novel, which are both tragic and life-affirming.

Cover to Cover Interview

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Meri Fatin dressed by Megan Salmon.

megan salmon
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Recommended book

Each month on Cover to Cover, we ask our guest author to recommend another great book by a West Australian author. Portland's recommendation was Thicker than Water by Richard Rossiter.

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