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Cover to Cover - Episode 11
Guest: Kylie Bullo

Kylie Bullo   Reaching for the canopy

Book Review - Reaching for the Canopy (UWA Publishing)

Kylie Bullo loves animals – especially orangutans! As senior orangutan keeper at Perth Zoo since 2001, Bullo has captured the experiences of daily life with her ‘orange kids’ in an absorbing memoir. Reaching for the Canopy is also a record of the successful rehabilitation of Temara, a characterful zoo-born orangutan, for release into the Sumatran jungle. In telling of Temara’s journey back to the jungle, Bullo makes clear the conservation challenges that must be overcome to save the orangutan from extinction. Charming, guileless and inspiring, this book blends unsentimental scientific observations with a warm-hearted humanity and genuine hope for the future.

Cover to Cover Interview

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Meri Fatin dressed by Megan Salmon.

megan salmon

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Recommended book

Each month on Cover to Cover, we ask our guest author to recommend another great book by a West Australian author. Kylie's recommendation was Feet to the Stars by Susan Midalia.

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