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Cover to Cover is a monthly TV program showcasing Western Australian writers and books which is presented by writingWA and Westlink. Hosted by Meri Fatin, each edition of Cover to Cover will feature an interview with writingWA's Book Club Book of the Month author.

Tune in each month to discover great new Western Australian books and enjoy reading local!

See the Westlink program guide for broadcast dates and times.  Why not organise your Book Club to make an event around these broadcasts and discover more about these authors and their work? Westlink can also schedule special broadcasts to fit in with your book club's regular meetings.

After the initial broadcast you will also be able to view Cover to Cover episodes via:

  • Westlink repeat broadcasts. See the Westlink Program Guide for the full list of broadcast times. Cover to Cover is part of the Westlink Community TV Initiative.

Authors we have featured so far

Episode 32 Meet Josephine Wilson, author of Extinctions (UWA Publishing)

Episode 32 Two guests join Meri to discuss children's books.

                    Discover more great children's books in our 'Kids Love to Read Local 2017' list.

                    The Book Club Notes are for Before You Forget by Julia Lawrinson (Penguin).

Episode 31 Meet Kim Scott, author of Taboo (Pan Macmillan)

Episode 30 Meet Shokoofeh Azar, author of The Enlightenment of the Greengage Tree (Wild Dingo Press)

Episode 29 Meet Paul E. Hardisty, author of Reconciliation for the Dead (Affirm Press)

Episode 28 Meet Sara Foster, author of The Hidden Hours (Simon & Schuster)

Episode 27  Meet Mohammed Massoud Morsiauthor of Twenty Two Years of Life (Mohammed Hussein Miheasen)

Episode 26  Meet Thomas M. Wilson, author of Stepping Off: Rewilding and Belonging in the South-West (Fremantle Press)

Episode 25  Meet Nicole Sinclair, author of Bloodlines (Margaret River Press)

Episode 24  Meet Sarah Drummond, author of The Sound (Fremantle Press)

Episode 23  Meet Rashida Murphy, author of The Historian's Daughter (UWA Publishing)

Episode 22  Two guests join Meri to discuss Small Things (Allen & Unwin) by Mel Tregonning

Episode 21  Meet David Whish-Wilson, author of Old Scores (Fremantle Press)

Episode 20  Two guests join Meri to discuss children's books.

                    Discover more great children's books in our 'Kids Love to Read Local 2016' list.

                    The Book Club Notes are for Beyond Carousel by Brendan Ritchie (Fremantle


Episode 19   Meet Pat Lowe, talking about Two Sisters (Magabala Books)

Episode 18   Meet Sam Carmody, author of The Windy Season (Allen & Unwin)

Episode 17   Meet Ron Elliott, author of Burn Patterns (Fremantle Press)

Episode 16   Meet Natasha Lesterauthor of A Kiss from Mr Fitzgerald (Hachette Australia)

Episode 15   Meet Yassmin Abdel-Magied, author of Yassmin's Story: Who Do You Think I Am? (Penguin Random House)

Episode 14   Meet Michelle Michau-Crawford, author of Leaving Elvis and other stories (UWA Publishing)

Episode 13   Meet Lee Battersby, author of Magrit (Walker Books).

Episode 12   Meet Portland Jones, author of Seeing the Elephant (Margaret River Press).

Episode 11   Meet Kylie Bullo, author of Reaching for the Canopy (UWA Publishing).

Episode 10   Meet Susan Midalia, author of Feet To The Stars: And Other Stories (UWA Publishing).

Episode 9    Two guests join Meri to discuss children's books.

                   Discover more great children's books in our 'Kids Love to Read Local 2015' list.

                   The Book Club Notes are for A Single Stone by Meg McKinlay (Walker Books).

Episode 8    Meet Fiona Palmer, author of The Saddler Boys (Penguin Books Australia).

Episode 7    Meet Bernice Barry, author of Georgiana Molloy, The Mind That Shines (Redgate Consultants).

Episode 6    Meet Stephen Daisley, author of Coming Rain (Text Publishing).

Episode 5    Meet Ian Reid, author of The Mind's Own Place (UWA Publishing).

Episode 4    Meet Liz Byrski, author of In Love and War: Nursing Heroes (Fremantle Press).

Episode 3    Meet Geoffrey Bolton, author of Paul Hasluck: A Life (UWA Publishing).

Episode 2    Meet Dianne Touchell, author of A Small Madness (Allen & Unwin).

Episode 1    Meet Alan Carter, author of Bad Seed (Fremantle Press).

Book Club Notes

Book Club Notes are available for all the featured books.  These are free for any clubs to download and use.

Buying the books featured on Cover to Cover

If you live in regional Western Australia and don't have a local bookshop where you can purchase the books featured on Cover to Cover, then you can order the books via Crow Books in Perth.  Your order will be posted out to you. Mention that you heard about the books on Cover to Cover and you'll get the postage for free.

Crow Books

Phone 9472-9737


* Westlink is a Western Australian Government owned and operated, free-to-view, digital television channel broadcast to regional and remote areas of Western Australia. Broadcasting via satellite on the VAST (Viewer Access Satellite Television) platform on Channel 602, anyone in Australia with a VAST satellite receiver can watch Westlink.  The channel is received in over 180 remote locations such as CRCs (Community Resource Centres) and schools as well as by private homes.

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